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Designs/Drawings :

At Premium Pulman Pvt. ltd. for every equipment and component and component, Drawings are prepared by Design Department stating all critical dimensions and material of construction. These Drawings are approved by Incharge of the Department.

Raw Material Procurement :

Raw materials are procured as per the specification and Bill of Materials given in the drawings by Purchase Department and is received by Stores & inspected by Quality Control Inspectors as per the specification.

Testing/Test Repots/ of Raw Material:

In case of alloy steel & stainless steel, the test reports are obtained from the supplier. In case the test reports are not given by the supplier, either these raw materials are tested departmentally or sent test laboratories for their testing as per the design specifications.

Component Inspection :

The components are manufactured on the mother machines installed in manufacturing units. To achieve desired tolerances and finish parameters, online inspection is carried out by Inspectors and also final inspection of the component is done after it is completed.

Inspection at Vendor’s place :

There are few components which are procured from Vendors who are in the list of APPROVED VENDORS for Premium Pulman Pvt. Ltd. Cast irons, castings components, patterns etc., are inspected at vender’s place before they are received by the manufacturing units. If for any reason these components are received by the manufacturing units. If for any reason these components are received at factory without inspection the inspection is carried out at shop floor and is CLEAR for the use into SUB ASSEMBLITES. Similar process is followed for the components which require Heat Treatment, Galvanizing & Surfacing.

Sub-Assembly Inspection/Testing :

Sub Assemblies are repaired from the inspected components. Necessary Static & Dynamic balancing if required for such assembly is carried our either departmentally or at vendor’s place. After clearance from Quality Control department, these assemblies are taken for final assembly of the machine.

20-Point Inspection of complete Machine :

This CHART is prepared where vital parameters are noted down and the machine is inspected and cleared for further testing. In the CHART the SPECIAL REATURES are incorporated if considered while placement of ORDER. This ACTIVITY is considered to be very important prior to dispatch.

Load & No Load Testing :

Machines thus approved are put on to the TESTING BED for NO LOADS TESTING. The Machines are tested for NO LOAD CURRENT CONSUMPTION, VIBRATIONS, HEATING OF BEARINGES AND NOISE LEVEL. Machines are tested as per pre-conceived appropriate norms for above things and only after approval from sr. member of Quality Control Department if is cleared for Painting & Packaging.

Packaging & Shipment :

Machines manufactured are depending upon the size, Weight & Shape are packed either in wooden box or wooden crates based upon it’s requirement during shipment and transshipment.

For Plants & Systems :

As we also design, manufactured, supplied and installed projects & Systems on Turnkey basis, the layout drawings are prepared by Design Department. The Equipment are manufactured as per the parameters set for Equipment manufacturing stated above. In case of machine procured from outside, the similar inspection procedure is adapted where Inspector works as “Internal Client” and inspect the machines to suit the Layout, application and other such requirements required for synchronization for the plant.

”Maintenance Manual” :

For every EQUIPMENT & PLANT is supplied along with MACHINES. The drawings of CRITICAL PARTS, LIST OF WEAROUT PARTS, INSTALLATION PROCEDURE are specified/stated in the MANUAL.


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