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» Precision Products : Parent Company :-

This is a parent company of the group. Two manufacturing bays equipped with cranes with design/development section and administrative block with attractive garden/lawn make unit look very impressive.

This unit is directly under supervision of Mr. Khushal Narumalani - Managing Partner and Group Managing Director. He is graduate in Mechanical Engineering.

»  Premium Pulman Pvt. Ltd. :-

This unit is specially been established for the manufacture of size reduction equipment (pulveriser). This is offshoot of the parent company M/s. Presicion Products. Various types of equipment are made with different materials of construction and of various capacities.
Mr. H.M.Doshi, Executive Director, leads the Unit. He has long experience in M/s. Jayems Parkim Pvt. Ltd. as General Manager where he developed various pulverising equipment.

The complete product range is given separately one of the speciality application is grinding heat sensitive plastic granules. The system has been designed, manufactured and commissioned with very exemplary results. Food stuff, spices, salt, sugar, minerals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals & dye stuff are few of approved applications for which size reduction equipment are designed and manufactured in this unit.

» Metamech Engineers  :-

This is an ancillary unit especially for the main purpose of supplying wear out parts of plants and equipment supplied by both the companies Precision Products & Premium Pulman Pvt. Ltd. Some of the items manufacture are pellet dies, rollers, hammers, screens etc. They also give auxiliary services of erection and commissioning of plants and take care of trouble shooting. They have well stocked store of spears, which can be supplied in a short of notice.

The unit is led by Mr. Ishvarbhai G. Narumalani who has long experience in commercial matters and has done his post graduation in Business Administration.

» Premium Engineers Pvt. Ltd. :-

To market products manufactred by the group comanies required hign degree of knowledge in application engineering. The equipment and systems offered by the company required to have strong database and in-depth knowledge of equipment and in't economics of operating costs. The initial cost of installation will not be only criteria for selection of the equipment. The recurring costs in terms of power consumption, consumable spares and material of construction are to be understood by the selling set up. The sales force is to be trained and groomed for such aspects. Hence a dedicated marketing organisation is setp up to market the products of group comanies. This company has application enginners, Application specialists, system disigners and trained team of agents network on all inia basis to market the products.

The group chaiman Mr. K.G. Narumalani oversees the activity of the company.

All business development activity, promotional work, selection fo new products and projects is done by this company.

The marketing acitivity is divided in zones and product groups. Advertisement and publicity, participation in exhibitions and seminars and sales conference are organised by the company. Technical collaborations are initiated and concluded by this company for the group.


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